General information about the Radio club Station OK2KGB in the Czech republic

Radio club OK2KGB was founded in August 2004. His members are OK1RN, OK2IGG, OK2CVH and OK2CRC. Do not worry - we are not KGB – we chose this suffix just for easy remember our call sign, hi
Our main hobby is contesting on the VHF, UHF and higher bands. We take part of most IARU contest. Our contesting QTH is situated 100km south – east from the capital city Prague near city Pelhrimov (locator JN79QJ, 753 meters above sea level). We are QRV on 144, 432 and 1296MHz bands.

We accept QSL only direct on adress:

Petr MendlĂ­k
Přechodní 1325
140 00, Praha 4 - KrÄŤ
Czech Republic

If you want to contact us do not hesitate e-mail us to address ok2kgb(at)